spy report :my brothers broken foot

25 Jun

WOW my mission was hard for me.My brother has  broken his  foot so I had to spy on him.When we was on holiday  in Ibiza  I had to kept an eye on him even  though my mum was looking  after him.

Well at the mini disco my brother  was a dance machine even with  his pot on  and a little help from mum and  dad. Shay decided to leave the dance floor so I decided to follow him I hid behide people and objects to see if were he was heading,  He was not fast but I had to make sure he didnt see me,  I was to inform my parents of his were abouts. He headed towards the amusements which were full of other children our ages. Shay put his hand in his pocket I looked on he pulled out some euros which he placed in to the bouncy ball machine he started to play the game. I was watching him spend the euros  he had no idea I was watching. He moved around the games unaware I was spying on him, I could see mum and dad watching us, I waved to tell them I knew were Shay was. Then Harry my new mate jumped out on me he had been spying on me, Shay turned round and saw me’ Hi Liam’ he said. Then Oscar then jumped out on all of us and we all headed towards the pool table…..

To be  continued


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