spying homework

25 Jun

spying on my sister is so much funnier than I thought.


After school we went to McDonald’s drive through and when we got home my sister stole my i pod and put it under her pillow for the night but i got it back.then she watched  bee movie .


my sister woke up watched TV and had breakfast and went to Halifax B and Q then the next thing  we went to grandmas and my cousin was there and my sis  played hide and seak  when we got home she played football with ruby our dog.then at dinner she sneaked her water bomb at threw it at the dog she got in big trouble the dog was fine though. then she watched brother bear and piper penguin at tea we had a take away.


my sister woke up and brushed her teeth and went out side (no school toady)  and found a snail and put it in a jar of leaves then she played pop stars in the  tree house.Then i got starving spying on her thankfully she went inside hand had some breakfast  then she played friv on  my computer after that she went on her ds playing Mario cart then she did her homework then we all walked to the shop. We got some rice and for tea we had spicy chicken and rice.


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