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Rosies day

25 Jun

Rosie is my pet cat . she is only over 2 years old and this is what i thinks she gets upto in the day. First she goes to haworth cat school nwith her brother jasper and boyfriend tommt,also mine . then when she fineshes school she is a top spy working for the English goverment. I think her next job is to protect the queen from baddies.


Anansi and the children

1 Jun

One cold, breezy night Anansi came to Haworth primary so he could take on another one of his trick’s. He thought he could get more people to be friends with him so he could rule. In that time Haworth primary was amazingly popular so this was the best place.

When Anansi approached the building he saw a cleaner and then another idea popped up in his mind, “I’ll dress up as a cleaner and steal all the books and get smarter and smarter and then people will be friends with me and i will rule.” So he decided to go on with his plan.

Anansi took the cleaner and pushed him into the food closet he  swapped clothes so he became a cleaner. Anansi was pleased with his work and then he checked the clock, he better hurry so he took his vacuum and went.

When he started to vacuum he didn’t know what to do but then he got the hang of it he said im going to be rich suddenly he heard a rustling noise IT’S TOO BIG then the vacuum stopped. That was close he said. Anansi went to the cleaner’s closet and stored the books but he didn’t see the hole in the bag, as a result of this there was a trail of books.

The next morning three children Molly, Tim and Sam were early and saw the trail of books and decided to follow it, they found what  it led to and saw Anansi. Sam asked him”Why are you stealing the books?” Anansi replied and said, “Because I want friends so I can rule the world.”  Molly,Tim and Sam persuaded Anansi to make friends in a different way but Anansi never got to rule.

The lesson is to be your self to make friends don’t pretend to be someone else.

My Hobbies and what I love

4 Nov

My name is abigail. I am 8 years old I have a brother and lots of aniamls. I have 8 cats,4 fishes and 1 dog.My Hobbies are Swimming,Running,Backing,To play music,Lisen to music,Ride on my bike,Paiting and playing on the computer.I have 8 cousions and 5 uncels and anties.I love playing with my friends and playing on club penguin.On club Penguin my name is snowzzer and i am a blue penguin.I just found out we are getting a choclate labridor puppy. It has to be a boy so are dog Sam wont be lonley any more.

Haworth primary schools e-safty rules

4 Nov







18 Oct

On Friday 19 th september my Auntie got a new Kitten. The Kitten was a girl and a grey kitten.We found out when we where going to drop off something. When we got in the house I triped over somthing grey. I piked it up. I said look a Kitten I found a Kitten. My Antie came and said oh you found Elsa. Elsa who’s Elsa. Elsa is the new baby Kitten. On tuesday we whent to my Anties after school. I whached TV with my brother then I herd a loud screech. The noise was so loud. I looked it’s Elsa.


20 Sep

In Literacy we have been learning about similes. This is a poem about winter.

Winter is as cold as a ice cube.

It looks like your in a plane above the clouds.

Winter is as strong as a horse defeating the sun.

It is as white as pale skin.

Sometimes the snow covers trees to look like they have been glued and sprinkled with glitter.