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My brother

25 Jun

I have been spying on my little brother Alfie, he’s always acting wierd so decided to take some notes and find out what he was up to, here is some of the things i found him doing…., He sneaks in my room and hides my squinkies i find them eveywhere!! He is always going in the fridge taking food out and making a mess, i caught him drawing on my mums wallpaper!!, Spilling juice on the sofa! climbing up everything he can!! He’s always banging his head!! When he has a bath the whole bathrrom gets wet because he splashes all the time! He made me laugh loads when i was spying on him, he is very funny!


Anansi and the laughter

1 Jun

One  day Anansi decided to visit Haworth primary school so he could steal everyone’s giggles, smiles, happiness and laughter.

First, he needed a school uniform. He stole a sweatshirt, trousers and polo shirt from a washing line.

On  Monday it was a school day and Anansi was sitting at his new desk there was two boys and two girls. Anansi wanted a pencil-case, he didn’t want a girl’s pencil – case, it was two girlish so he got one of the football pencil-cases and when no one where looking Anansi grab the pencil – case and he made everyone laughed and Anansi got all  the pencil – case and  put giggles in the pencil-case. Anansi ran out of the school but Anansi didn’t see the rock and Anansi tripped and all the children got all their happiness back.

Anansi learnt not to take anymore smiles any more .


5 Nov

It was a sunny day and I was playing with my friends. When it was dinner time I  went up stairs to wash my hands I quickly went in my room to get my teddy, but there were loads and loads of butterflies in my room. They were flying like mad. Then my favourite teddy bear came to life .

Then they tied me and took me away to teddy bear and butterfly land. The journey was horrible and scary. I saw loads of children in cages, some of my friends were in cages.

The teddy bear threw me in a giant cage. I became really afraid and started to cry. I saw a gold key. I quickly unlocked myself and my friends too. We found a magic teddy bear carpet, then we all flew back home for lunch where mummy was waiting for us.

my brother

20 Sep

In Literacy we’ve been learning about poems and similes. This is my poem.

My brother is as noisy as a horn.

My brother is as fast as a cheetah.

My brother’s eyes are as blue as the sky.

He’s as hard as a  brick.