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Water Water Everywhere?

23 Apr

In our topic work we are looking at water and its uses.

We used Google maps to find water near our school and to investigate the types of water features we could find. Most were reservoirs with some rivers.

We posted the locations below as comments.

Do you have any water near where you live? What is it used for? Can you link to it in google maps?



Project Homework

22 Mar

1 week to go for the homework project, what are you doing?

Homework 16 March

Bronte Weather Project

15 Mar

On Wednesday 14th March, Year 4 spent the day with artist Rebecca Chesney, finding out about the Bronte Weather Project and completing some art activities.

You can read more about it here:

Comment tu t’appelles?

15 Mar

Today in French we learnt how to introduce yourself and how to ask someone their name.

We used this song on the languagenut website to help us.


Year 4 Environmental Issues Survey

2 Mar

Please find the environmental survey here.

Year 4 will be using the results in Maths and Literacy.



A puzzling cube

2 Feb

Can you place the faces in the correct locations on the net to make the cube that is shown on the three views of the same cube below?

Puzzle from nrich website


Watch the following videos. Before you click play on each net, see if you can guess if it will make a 3d shape.

Puzzle from nrich website

Multiplication Methods

15 Jan

This week we have been working on our calculation methods. Most of the class have been using step 4 and step 5 from our calculation policy. @year4 which one do you use?