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25 Jun

How do penguins walk?

like there are cold

Are Elephant’s a wild animal?

no because the are grey


Why i like football

21 May

i like football because it is fun watching. I only watching it because and i mostly watch the premier league because it is intresting. and some times watch league 2 football beacause my fravite team is in that league. I never watch chapionchip because the worst team who i do not like is in that league i watch la liga because i have got 2 fravrte football teams in that league as well. I can not belive it the sison has endid they will only be frendly matches and the Euro 2012 that will be fun watching because i like football so i am watching barcalona if the la liga hasnt ended

Top 10 favourite foods

17 May

1. Pizza

2. Kfc

3. chips

4. burger

5. sasige

6. beans

7. bagen

8. egg

9. toast

10. ice -cream

Anansi and the stolen ideas

16 May

One sunny day Anasi had an idea. He decided to go to Haworth primary school because he wanted to steal some ideas from children.  He had a problem. He did not have any uniform. So he went looking around the streets to find one. Suddenly he found one on a washing line. He put it on then he went to school.  

  When he got inside the school the teacher introduced him. When it was break time he went to the teacher and said “can i stay in? I have hurt my leg”  The Teacher said “Yes Anansi”. So when the teacher went to the staffroom Anansi went to the class Room and lookted in evrybodys literacy books and stoal ideas off them.  So he put them in a bag but the bag exploded. When the children came in they asked what has happend.  He was in shock. then he ran off. When the children came into class they asked what had happened. The teacher told them that Anansi had stolen some ideas off the children. The children were really angry because it was copying their ideas. The teacher went to the cloakroom and had a look for the bag and the ideas. On the floor it was a mess because the bag had exploded and the ideas had come out. The teacher picked all the ideas up and took them back up to the classroom. Then she put them back in all the children’s books.

The children were happy because they had got all their ideas back.




top five phones

15 Mar

1. i phone

2. i phone 4s

3. blackberry

4. sony ericsson

5. htc


15 Mar
  1. what did spongebob say to the krabby paty

please to eat you

how did fred open the shop door

by pushing with his hand

see more jokes in part 2 they is more jokes

what i do in the snow

19 Dec

when it snows i get changed in my winter cloths then have a snowball fight then make  a snow man with hat,scarf and gloves with a nose and eyes and arms then we have a hot drink then play rugby in the snow then my dad comes out and plays football and that is what we do when it snows!