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spy report :my brothers broken foot

25 Jun

WOW my mission was hard for me.My brother has  broken his  foot so I had to spy on him.When we was on holiday  in Ibiza  I had to kept an eye on him even  though my mum was looking  after him.

Well at the mini disco my brother  was a dance machine even with  his pot on  and a little help from mum and  dad. Shay decided to leave the dance floor so I decided to follow him I hid behide people and objects to see if were he was heading,  He was not fast but I had to make sure he didnt see me,  I was to inform my parents of his were abouts. He headed towards the amusements which were full of other children our ages. Shay put his hand in his pocket I looked on he pulled out some euros which he placed in to the bouncy ball machine he started to play the game. I was watching him spend the euros  he had no idea I was watching. He moved around the games unaware I was spying on him, I could see mum and dad watching us, I waved to tell them I knew were Shay was. Then Harry my new mate jumped out on me he had been spying on me, Shay turned round and saw me’ Hi Liam’ he said. Then Oscar then jumped out on all of us and we all headed towards the pool table…..

To be  continued


Anansi and the food

1 Jun

One day Anansi went  to school for his first time and the headteacher showed Anansi his class room. Anansi introduced himself to the class, Mr. Holdsworth sat him at a table for literary and gave him a literary book.

After the literary Anansi was hungry but he had another lesson to do, maths. Anansi didn’t like maths so he gave his maths to someone elses to do. Anansi just sat there doing nothing then Mr. Holdsworth  came in and Anansi was shocked to see Mr. Holdsworth come in so Anansi got his maths work back and started to work.

He didn’t really get it  so when Mr Holdsworth went out to do something then Anansi gave his work back to someone else to do.

When it was lunch time Anansi washed his hands and RAN to the lunch line so he can have his lunch but then when he got there some other people where there. Anansi was angry then he had an idea.

When he went for lunch he told the other children to go back and to wash their hands. He said that until he  had a problem, Anansi had a teacher in front of him. Anansi was really angry so he hit the teacher and said go and wash your hands and the teacher gave him a red card.

adventure to dragon mountain part 2

15 May

The dragon was coming to wards them and ash needed something like a bow and arrow to hit its wings.Then Shay said RUN  so they split up and Jake and Shay distracted the dragon so ash can make a bow.When ash made a bow  the dragon was angry and spat  out fire and ash shot an arrow at the dragons wings and the dragon fell on the ground then they ran for there life but the dragon wasn’t down for long he got up and flow to them even throe ash still had his bow and arrow to hit one of his wings witch he did so and the dragon had a very very bad tumble then ash came up and said now what do I need a sword so Shay gave him a sword and ash thrown the sword at dragon

the connectives challenge

10 May

see how many connectives you can.

So then…the story was caused by Liam wanting a choc bar, consequently because  of his bad behaviour, his mother had said no. All because he had been winding his brother up even though his brother was teasing him. Therefore as a result of this Liam decided to use his own money to purchase a choc bar.Despite this being a secret Liams mum found,out even though he was going to share it with his brother nevertheless he had it all to his self and in that case Liam was grounded  for a week.


1 May

2 Nov 2011

today we had decided to take a road trip to a beach.We had a  beast car which my dad drive it, big and white.we had to sit in booster seats due to the law in Australia.We drove   though several towns and trams to get to the beach. When we got to the beach me my dad and little brother Shay went exploring in the shallow sea,we calmed over rocks and when we got to the other side, we saw loads of fish.Suddenly the tide  began to come in,the current was strong and quick.We tried to get back to the beach were mum was sunbathing.But it was very dangerous.I guided them back other the rocks and through the water.We arrived back at the beach,the balls where missing I remembered they had been on the rocks so  I went to go and retrieved them.Then we had fun on the beach.

adventure to dragon mountain

23 Apr

One day a boy called ash went to his friend’s house but on his way he found a map a strange map which said you will go to the past, to a Mountain with a dragon who lives there.When ash got to his friend’s house  he showed him the map [by the way his friend is called Jake and his brother is called Shay] When they set off  they couldn’t find the mountain BUT then out of the no where a portal came they went though the portal  they saw  the mountain then out of  no where a dragon came and  the dragon slowly stirred.


My trip to leeds

5 Mar

On Tuesday  14.2.12  I went to Leeds with my mum and aunty Lyndsey , Shay and Annie and holly.We went on a train from Keighley station to Leeds station. When we where at Leeds we went to Leeds city museum  and looked around the shops.Then  we went to whsmiths and then we went  Red hot for something to eat.Then we went to  hmv then we wwent back on the train to go home to Keighley.