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Spying on my cat Dumpy

25 Jun

In the last few weeks, I have noticed  strange things about Dumpy. These are the strange things that I noticed:

  • Dumpy always goes outside when the door opens. Even if it is raining!
  • When he comes back inside, he smells of Ginger, the next door neighbors cat.
  • And I always see him with Ginger!

So, my suggestion of what is happening is that Dumpy is Gingers boyfreind!!! Dun dun duuun!!!

Therefore, I am spying on him and his girlfreind to see what he actually does with her and why he does not eat all of his food. I think that Dumpy is bringing the food outside and sharing it with Ginger but I cant be so sure of it. What do you think?


My top ten favorite animals

28 May
  1. Cats because they are cuddly and cute.
  2. Dogs because they make alot of noise and they can be walked.
  3. Ducks because they make a funny noise and they have pretty wings.


  1. Chicks because they are fluffy and cute.
  2. Birds because they have lots of beautiful feathers.
  3. Fish because their mouths make them look like their talking.

Anansi and the ideas

17 May

One day Anansi received a invitation that read, “Dear Anansi, We are holding a festival in the park on Tuesday afternoon at 2.oopm. If you would like to come you have to bring lots of ideas because we are writing stories. Yours sincerely, Turtle.”

When Anansi received the letter he thought that the best place to collect ideas was at a school.

The very next morning Anansi woke up at 6.00am, he went to someone else’s house and crept into their garden very quietly and stole 2 of their sets of school clothes from the washing line. He dressed up as a student and walked to Haworth Primary school.

When he arrived at the school the teacher, Mr.Holdsworth, introduced him to the class.

The next day he asked if he could be the literacy monitor. He was so excited that he jumped up and down, he was over the moon about it.

Anansi decided that the best way to get ideas was to look in the literacy books, therefore at break time he said to himself, ” I shall collect in the literacy books while everyone else goes outside.”

So while everyone was outside he collected the literacy books and the ideas. He then put the ideas into his bookbag but because the childrens’ ideas were so big and imaginative, the bag exploded.

If you would like to read more of my Anansi stories then come back to our blog.

Instructions for how to stop your cat getting into the cupboard

17 May

Now, what do I need? Oh yes I need…

  • Cat spray collar and controller
  • An open cupboard in an empty room (so that the cat thinks that it will not get caught)

Follow these steps carefully.

  1. Carefully fix the spray collar onto the cat, but make sure that the cat cant get it off.
  2. Next, leave the cupboard door wide open and leave the room empty.
  3. Once this is done if you hear scratching on wood do not spray the cat, but if you hear walking in the cupboard spray it.
  4. Over time your cat will realise that it should not do this so It will stop.

Party bag problems

15 May

If a party bag includes 3 sweets, 2 balloons, some bubbles and a yo yo how much  would it cost?

If a party bag includes 2 balloons, some bubbles, crayons, 3 sweets and a yo yo, how much would it cost?

If a party bag includes a yo yo, a plane a thank you card, some bubbles, crayons and 2 balloons how much would it cost?

If a party bag includes 3 sweets, a yo yo, bubbles crayons, a thank you card and a plane, how much would it cost?

If a party bag includes 3 sweets, a plane, bubbles and a thank you card how much would it cost?

Answers will be given on wednesday.

Cat in the cupboard

10 May

One wet day in April my cat called Dumpy had nothing to do, therefore he decided to claw his way into the cupboard as a result of this there were scratches, caused by Dumpy, left on the cupboard. Consequently Dumpy had water sprayed at him. Nevertheless Dumpy continued on his misson to burst a bag of flour. Because of this, was punished again. Despite this, Dumpy still clambered into the cupboard and burst a bag of flour. So Dumpy had completed his misson, though he still had to face his punishment otherwise he would have gone outside to play with his cat mates. 

The dragons den

23 Apr

Beyond the deepest, darkest forest high above the hills, hidden in the side of a mountain lies the dragons den. Its opening wide and treacherous, jagged rocks sticking out at every edge. Inside the den you find that a pile of uneaten flesh and bones lies in the darkness. The smell of flesh and bones whafts around the cave. The sound of dripping water and unnerving growling eco’s around the cave. In the depths of the darkness the dragon stirs. The dragons sparkly green  scales, nobbly legs, giant menacing eyes and claws big and sharp. I learnt one thing about dragons: never pester a dragon.