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25 Jun

How do penguins walk?

like there are cold

Are Elephant’s a wild animal?

no because the are grey


my sister

28 May

my sistier swims like a mermaid.

sleeps like a baby.

eats like a cheeter .

laghs like a hayeina.

cheeky like a monky

and see dives like dothin.


15 Mar
  1. what did spongebob say to the krabby paty

please to eat you

how did fred open the shop door

by pushing with his hand

see more jokes in part 2 they is more jokes

Some more funny jokes

8 Nov

I went to the shoe shop the other day to try on a pair of shoes and they were too tight so I said to the lady “they are too tight” so she said try it with your tongue out so I said with my tongue open and said “there still too tight”.

I went to watch the England game last night and we were queuing there were two blokes in front of us one of them said “do you know what I wish I would have brought the telly”the other said the telly why are you bored?” he said “no I left the tickets on top of it”


Funny jokes

7 Nov

My dad was doing a demonstration on fire safety he showed the firefighters the fire alarm
one of them asked “what is it”
my dad said ” it’s to tell you when the cooking is ready”

i went on a Ferris wheel and sat next a guy with flip flops on and said ” here mate what is your name”

he said “my name? Filipe Filop”

My dog Rosie

7 Nov

my dog Rosie whenever she sees leaves she does somersaults in the air and when there is water,leaves or human food i can guarantee my dog Rosie will be there.

My favourite jokes

27 Sep

Q. What’s brown and sticky?

A. A stick.  🙂

Q. Why did the banana go to the doctors?

A. Because it was feeling peely.

Q. What colour is a sun burnt penguin?

A. Red,black and white.

Q. Why are there no penguins in England?

A. Because they are afraid of Wales.