spying homework

25 Jun

spying on my sister is so much funnier than I thought.


After school we went to McDonald’s drive through and when we got home my sister stole my i pod and put it under her pillow for the night but i got it back.then she watched  bee movie .


my sister woke up watched TV and had breakfast and went to Halifax B and Q then the next thing  we went to grandmas and my cousin was there and my sis  played hide and seak  when we got home she played football with ruby our dog.then at dinner she sneaked her water bomb at threw it at the dog she got in big trouble the dog was fine though. then she watched brother bear and piper penguin at tea we had a take away.


my sister woke up and brushed her teeth and went out side (no school toady)  and found a snail and put it in a jar of leaves then she played pop stars in the  tree house.Then i got starving spying on her thankfully she went inside hand had some breakfast  then she played friv on  my computer after that she went on her ds playing Mario cart then she did her homework then we all walked to the shop. We got some rice and for tea we had spicy chicken and rice.


Movie Review: Journey 2 the Mysterious Island

13 Jun

Spoiler alert! George’s review make contain spoilers if you haven’t already seen the film. Mr. H

Today I am reviewing Journey 2 the Mysterious Island. Not only is it a spoof movie. but it is a dangerous, risky, fun-filled adventure. My favourite bit was when the Rock pumped his pecs up  ‘n down. When the giant lizard goes out to try and eat Sean and you think he’s gonna die. On that particular island, big is small and small is big.

My Adventures ep 1

12 Jun

This is a Fiction Story. Here is some music with it http://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F15571094&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=ff7700

It all started with a Magician and a Talking dog name Sparklez and before you ask it was a Jack Russell Terrrier. So this is how it all started.

I was at home doing the usual eating breakfast while Playing Minecraft with James N when my sister Bethenian burst i n and said ” Today you better not be doing the ‘Usual’ again today”.  The ‘Usual’ means exploring dungeons going to the Jungle or weird staircases like this one



Anansi And The Ideas

1 Jun

Once Anansi was walking along one day and he saw Haworth Primary School then saw a house with school clothes hanging on a washing line then he thought to himself I could pretend to be a pupil and still all the ideas, so Anansi did. Anansi sneaked in to the garden and stole the school uniform.

The next day Anansi went into school. The teacher introduced Anansi to the children then the teacher did the register. The first lesson was literacy. When they had finished Anansi collected all the literacy books up but whilst he was collecting them up he looked in the books he quickly got a pen and wrote all the ideas down. The next day in literacy Anansi was the brightest person in the class. When Anansi was collecting in  the literacy books he looked in them and stole all the ideas but then the teacher spotted Anansi stealing all the ideas. Miss Smith then said “Anansi what are you doing?”. Anansi then said ” nothing”. When it was lunch time Miss Smith went to the heads and said “I think the new boy is stealing all the ideas”.  That day Anansi got expelled and was never seen again.

anansi and the school lunches

1 Jun

Anansi woke up for breakfast and looked in the cupboard and found no food. Anansi had an idea he got a plain apron and looked for a hat, Anansi set off to town and got a job as a school cook.

After lunch all the cooks  washed up except for Anansi because he was eating all the food that was for tommorow. Then he  washed up, one of the dinner ladies said “Who’s eaten all the food?” Anansi ignored her to make it look as if it was not him. After they cooked all the food, they all went home.

Anansi arrived early and ate all the food and walked home. All the lunch ladies arrived 1 hour later and baked more food. After that the lunch ladies had a meeting about all the stolen food. Anansi arrived later and helped bake again.

After lunch Anansi ate all the food and  a lunch lady saw him and he was fired. The dinner ladies  got extra money for cooking  extra. The only thing anansi got was a biscuit that was moldy and cracked.

Anansi and the stamper

1 Jun

Anansi wanted to go to Haworth primary school but did not have any uniform. So he thought he could steal the uniform off the washing line over there so he did. Anansi looked around for somewhere to put it on so he  went in to the toilet  and came out with the uniform on.

Anansi went in to school and said he  was new.  So he got shown to the class and got put in his seat. The teacher said  it was break   At  break time he stole a stamper for more gold stars  for his house. Soon at lunch anansi handed them to his house and they put on the stamps and put them in the drawer. But then BANG!All of the cards burst out the draw and ripped it to pieces.

Anasi and the computers

1 Jun

Anansi walked into the school dressed like a new pupil, he was going to go and meet the headteacher when he stopped and saw a room. Anansi had never seen a room like this one before. Anansi went in the room and saw some funny monitors, a pupil came in and said “Why are you on a computer with out an adult?”

He was messing around on the computer and it went all crazy, then in the corner of his eye he saw a  cupboard, it was very big, he went inside to see what he could find! Then the little boy went to tell over Anansi.

Anansi ran straight for the cupboard, he went and saw lots of things but there was one thing that stood out from the rest, it was all the cables. He thought how nice they would look if he used them in his web. He got as many cables as he could and tried to run away.

However the cables were getting wrapped around  his body and he got all tangled up and the headteacher caught up with him and reported him to the police.