Postcard Project

We sent postcards to different schools all over the world. The gallery above includes photos of the postcards that we have received.

This page is where the schools that we sent to can let us know when it was received, and provide us with more information about themselves. We will also share postcards we have received on this page too.

If you have visited here after receiving one of our postcards, please use the following link to tell us where you are.

We are here:

17/4/12 Thanks to Miss Tripp’s Fourth Grade Class at Wellford Academy in Wellford, SC for a super photo card! 🙂


2 Responses to “Postcard Project”

  1. Mrs S April 7, 2012 at 1:48 am #

    Hello to all at Haworth school

    We received your postcard on the last day of school before Easter. Mrs S put it up on our postcard wall and added a picture to our blog. Mrs S will be sending a postcard back soon.

    Mrs S and 4/5DS

  2. We were very excited to receive your postcard and have an electronic one we want to send. We couldn’t find your email address, so we sent it to your school email address. We have a snail mail postcard we will be sending out as well. Have a super day, and thank you again for the postcard!

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