25 Jun

How do penguins walk?

like there are cold

Are Elephant’s a wild animal?

no because the are grey


attack of the creepers :part 3 the run

25 Jun

As I had seen the creeper king I had been running so fast that he couldn’t see were I was. I was lost and he was catching up to me. I fought him until he was knocked out. I had enough chance to run away and build a house. When I saw him he had all his creeper followers, making a plan. I crafted and enchanted all of my weapons and armour. The battle begins from this point onwards.

My brother

25 Jun

I have been spying on my little brother Alfie, he’s always acting wierd so decided to take some notes and find out what he was up to, here is some of the things i found him doing…., He sneaks in my room and hides my squinkies i find them eveywhere!! He is always going in the fridge taking food out and making a mess, i caught him drawing on my mums wallpaper!!, Spilling juice on the sofa! climbing up everything he can!! He’s always banging his head!! When he has a bath the whole bathrrom gets wet because he splashes all the time! He made me laugh loads when i was spying on him, he is very funny!

spy report :my brothers broken foot

25 Jun

WOW my mission was hard for me.My brother has  broken his  foot so I had to spy on him.When we was on holiday  in Ibiza  I had to kept an eye on him even  though my mum was looking  after him.

Well at the mini disco my brother  was a dance machine even with  his pot on  and a little help from mum and  dad. Shay decided to leave the dance floor so I decided to follow him I hid behide people and objects to see if were he was heading,  He was not fast but I had to make sure he didnt see me,  I was to inform my parents of his were abouts. He headed towards the amusements which were full of other children our ages. Shay put his hand in his pocket I looked on he pulled out some euros which he placed in to the bouncy ball machine he started to play the game. I was watching him spend the euros  he had no idea I was watching. He moved around the games unaware I was spying on him, I could see mum and dad watching us, I waved to tell them I knew were Shay was. Then Harry my new mate jumped out on me he had been spying on me, Shay turned round and saw me’ Hi Liam’ he said. Then Oscar then jumped out on all of us and we all headed towards the pool table…..

To be  continued

Rosies day

25 Jun

Rosie is my pet cat . she is only over 2 years old and this is what i thinks she gets upto in the day. First she goes to haworth cat school nwith her brother jasper and boyfriend tommt,also mine . then when she fineshes school she is a top spy working for the English goverment. I think her next job is to protect the queen from baddies.

Spying on my cat Dumpy

25 Jun

In the last few weeks, I have noticed  strange things about Dumpy. These are the strange things that I noticed:

  • Dumpy always goes outside when the door opens. Even if it is raining!
  • When he comes back inside, he smells of Ginger, the next door neighbors cat.
  • And I always see him with Ginger!

So, my suggestion of what is happening is that Dumpy is Gingers boyfreind!!! Dun dun duuun!!!

Therefore, I am spying on him and his girlfreind to see what he actually does with her and why he does not eat all of his food. I think that Dumpy is bringing the food outside and sharing it with Ginger but I cant be so sure of it. What do you think?

my dog ruby

25 Jun

my dog ruby is a  French mastiff dogue de bordeaux.


she likes playing football,

she is lazy,

but playfull,

she likes casing animals,

she likes food,

she is four years old ,

she is long,

File:Dogo de Burdeos.jpg